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Gifts for teachers
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Gifts for teachers of our children, shows affection or interest?

The end of the course is approaching and with it the gifts to the teachers, especially in the infant and primary stages, where the teachers become a fundamental piece in the education of our children and we want to show them that we appreciate their dedication. Many parents have the question of whether to give gifts to their children’s teachers and ask themselves, this gesture … is it a sign of affection or interest?

The meaning of the Gifts for teachers of our children

Gifts for teachers

The Gifts for teachers of the children come from many years ago, especially in rural areas, in which the teachers were regulated as a sign of respect, (the teacher was equally important as the doctor or the mayor), and for ” complement “a poor salary. They were usually given food, (some eggs from the hens, some cherries from the orchard tree …). But now things have changed, and quite a lot. They no longer give away sausages or products from the garden, they give away expensive pens, SPA sessions or gift vouchers to spend on large surfaces. Giving the teachers is not bad, but you have to take care of the gift and not overdo it. Keep reading: Do you study finance? This will impact the Artificial intelligence I in this sector

As in everything, there are always different points of view, there are teachers and families in favor and others against. Many teachers do not agree to be “bought” gifts at the end of the course, and many feel uncomfortable receiving them. But there are also those who appreciate this recognition of their work.

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Tips when making Gifts for teachers

Gifts for teachers

1. What to give to the teacher?

If we decide to give the teacher of our children we must bear in mind, that it has to be a detail, a show of affection towards the other person, and not an obligation, and that it is always better simple details and ” emotional ” that big and expensive.

The important thing is that the gift in question is a detail, such as a craft, a memory of your students, but not an expensive gift, much less money, (gift card type for example), which may bother the one who receives. The handmade gifts, handmade by children, are the ones that can make a teacher more illusion, and those that will surely keep their whole life.

2. Make a gift as a group or as an individual?

This already depends on each one, but we can think that if we make a group gift, the possible differences that the children can feel, (not the teachers) are dissipated. Children may think that the teacher will want more to the child who has made the largest and most expensive gift, and not to the one who has made the gift by hand and has hardly cost money. Check also:

Other times parents do not give away because they do not want to or for any other reason, but children see that everyone gives less to him, and may not understand why if he loves his teacher so much he does not give him a gift. So perhaps the most appropriate is a gift from the whole class and not from students in particular. Thus, no child feels different, because we must remember that the gift belongs to the children and not to the parents.

Gifts for teachers

3. Some ideas to give to teachers at the end of the course can be:

In children, when they do not yet know how to write, an album with the little fingerprints or the hands of all their children in finger painting, or drawings of the children, for example.

  • A box with children’s letters or with poems or with nice words for the teacher.
  • A group photo of your students or a collage with photos of the children.
  • A story made between all the children, etc …
  • Or a box of chocolates with a “teacher we love you, thank you for your work” is also a nice touch.

The important thing about Gifts for teachers. In summary, is that if we make a gift, this is a sign of affection, (and not of purchasing power), of gratitude to a school course of work and dedication, that is a memory of your students, if possible made by hand, and of all kinds and not of individual students.