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How to stay focused while studying
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How to stay focused while studying for exam

Concentrate on studying can be a very complicated task for the average student, especially if you are in difficult ages. However, it is possible to learn to concentrate on studying and passing.

As we increase the course and therefore, raising the level of academic demand for our studies. In the primary studies, it used to be hardly necessary to study to pass but already in the university studies it is necessary to study much to be able to approve and to pass to the following course.

How to stay focused while studying?

How to stay focused while studying

The downside is that there are more and more distractions in the world for students, see mobile phones, computers, friendships, the bride … All this makes that in the end we do everything but study and end up leaving everything for the last day, with the corresponding suspense.

The downside of this is that it sounds very easy to say get to study and you must do everything possible to get, concentrate, but concentrate before studying is not so simple and in the end, we were going through everything.

The good news is that at last, I am going to give you the advice to concentrate to study, to get the best grades and to stop being a bum in the subject of study.

What do you need to concentrate to study?

  • Willpower.
  • Notes and study books.

Outside distractions:

Outside distractions

The first thing we must do to concentrate to study is to eliminate all the distractions that we have, and when I said all I wanted to say all, even your mobile. Tell your friends that you are going to study and tell them not to bother you, turn off the mobile phone, tell your family not to bother you in that period, turn off the computer and have only the study related materials on the table. Another common mistake is to have things like magazines, Sudoku or even marbles to play with them. Only the notes and you should be. If you entertain yourself with the pens and you start to draw, do not have pens and change the method of study, the case is not to get distracted by anything.

Parkinson’s Law:

Parkinson's Law

The law of Parkinson’s is a principle that has to do with the time we have to study and is the reason why you study the last day. It tells us in particular that we usually extend the term we have available to finish a task, for example, if we have 1 day to study we will study harder than if we have 7 days, studying very little those 7 days (or not studying 6 days and studying all day 7) because we feel we have a lot of time. The trick to solving it is to pretend that you have the exam tomorrow and study as if it were. The pressure will make you study like an animal and optimize time as you have never done before.

Study in the way that best suits you:


That you have to take notes, put colors, keep everything neat, is not always true. It is very simple, each person is different, and therefore, some things work better to others and others better. Try to find what is best for you and what does not come well to throw it away, since it only makes you waste your time. If you do not need schemes do not do them, if you need to say it out loud do it, if you need to study with relaxing music (without distracting), do it, if you need to record it in audio and listen to it do it. Do what works for you and you will optimize your time even better.



The human brain like muscles gets tired. Therefore, it is necessary to give it a rest from time to time. The best way is to study in periods of 45 minutes of work and 15 of rest, with a long break of several hours between several days of studies. For example, if you are going to study for 8 hours, you can study from 10 to 14, rest 4 hours and then from 18 to 22. The 45 minutes you have to study them following the advice of this article and the remaining 15 minutes you have to use them to you rest from all without worry during that time studying and being able to turn on your mobile, watch videos … Thanks to this, you can better manage the time and make the mind is rested.



Good planning is crucial because if you do not plan you will get caught by the bull and you will not be able to study enough because you do not have time. Try to be attentive to the exam calendars and study well in advance but not too much, since studying well in advance is a waste of time because the mind forgets it. The advance depends on the difficulty of the exam, which ranges from 2 or 3 days in advance for a simple partial exam to a 1 in advance with a competitive examination, passing through 1 month for a final exam and 2 months for a recovery of the whole book of a difficult subject.