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basic computer skills

The disadvantages of not having basic computer skills

Some of the older members of the workforce went through school and the central part of their lives without the use of computers. Many companies, however, use computers for various aspects of the business, including correspondence, billing, and inventory. Without basic computer skills, members of the workforce may find that they are unable to do what many jobs require.

Education basic computer skills

Most colleges use computers to teach in classes. Some colleges only offer their courses online. For someone who possesses a few, if any, basic computer skills, developing what he already knows can be difficult. In some areas of work, continuing education is important. If an employee is unable to complete the required college classes to follow the ground, his work may be at risk. To be able to complete these classes, he must first take courses on the basic functions of a computer, which can take even longer.

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New Job

 basic computer skills

When a potential employee applies and interviews for a new job, the employer asks questions to assess whether the person meets the needs of the position for which he has applied. In many cases, especially in office work, basic computer skills are required. Some applications may even ask for his level of familiarity with specific computer programs, as well as typing speed. If it is not familiar with even basic applications like e-mail, word processing, and spreadsheets, it is unlikely to do the job. Employers do not have the time to teach these core skills.

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Job Loss basic computer skills

Some of the people who are most at risk of lacking basic computer skills feel safe in their jobs and do not think they need to learn about computers because their work does not require it. However, no one ever has complete work safety. In fact, some companies prefer to make cuts at higher levels among workers with seniority greater than saving more money. If this happens, it may be difficult to find a new job if the employee does not have the basic computer skills.

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Communication basic computer skills

So many aspects of everyday life trust on computers and the ability to use them. People can now bank online, pay bills over the Internet, make an appointment and search for information on any topic. People move away from family, but computers allow them to feel closer by email and video chat. If someone is not familiar with how to use the Internet or send an email, it may lack on a means of communication with the family that lives away.