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11 TOEFL preparation tips to make good result in exam

Are you planning to go abroad to study and therefore pass the TOEFL exam? In this note, we give you 11 TOEFL preparation tips so that you save it and not die in the attempt.

More and more young people choose to go to work or study in another English-speaking country. Therefore, they have to face the TOEFL test, which at first may seem impossible to save. Because we know how complicated it can be to prepare this test and because we want you to save it. Here are some TOEFL preparation tips. Take note.

11 effective TOEFL preparation tips

TOEFL preparation tips
TOEFL preparation tips

 Familiarize yourself with the TOEFL exam format.

Learn academic English.

Practice doing previous exams.

Contact an English teacher.

Learn to take notes.

Answer all the questions.

Let’s discuss.

Familiarize yourself with the TOEFL exam format

Before starting to study well, it is important that you identify which exam format you will have to do. In this way, you prevent the stress that can cause the preparation of a different format of the examination.

Learn academic English

Concentrate on learning what you will hear or see on the campus of the university to which you want to apply. What does this mean? The best thing you can do is read textbooks, encyclopedias, newspapers, and articles. On the other hand, watching television and movies in English will help you become familiar with English.

TOEFL preparation tips
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Practice doing previous exams

The best way to prepare this exam is to practice with evaluations from other years. In case you are taking classes, your teacher will give you a lot of material, but otherwise, you will have to buy a book that has exercises and explanations of the answers.
You can also search for material on the Internet, always making sure that the answers are updated.

Contact an English teacher

The key is to ask for help from a native English speaker, who can answer different questions, whose answers are not in the books. In case you do not have the resources to pay a teacher, you can contact a student who has done this test previously, who will surely give you some tips and can help you with the grammar questions.

Learn to take notes

You have the possibility to take notes in all sections. This you can practice taking notes of different things that you read and listen to, with as many details as you can.

Answer all the questions

Check more than once if you have completed all the spaces assigned to the answers, and eliminate all the ones you know are wrong. This way you have 25% of having the correct answer.

TOEFL preparation tips
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TOEFL preparation tips for the written comprehension part:
– Keep in mind that you do not need to know all the words in a text fragment to answer the questions.
– Check the type of questions that may appear in the different sections of the exam.
– The questions that are the following: two of vocabulary, some questions in detail and others of deduction.

TOEFL preparation tips for the listening comprehension part:
– When practicing this section, do not reproduce the cd more than once, since on the day of the exam they will only do one reproduction, without exception.
– During the exam, it is not convenient to look at the previous answers because you will not be able to change them.

TOEFL preparation tips for the oral part:
– The best thing you can do is try to use all the time that was assigned to you. In case that does not happen, a good idea is to make a summary and a conclusion.
– Take care of your pronunciation, make sure that the vocabulary and expressions you use are appropriate.

TOEFL preparation tips
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Do not forget that in the first part of this section you will have to make connections. For that, it is convenient that you memorize sentences.
Focus a few minutes on planning your essay before writing it. In addition, it is important that you practice making different formats and adopt the one that is most practical for you. Finally, you can not forget to include many examples to justify what you say.

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