Creating a healthy working lifestyle

Creating a healthy working lifestyle

It is often challenging for people to think about their health and wellbeing while working. However, it’s critical for people to stay healthy and positive while they work, as it’s easier for them to do their jobs when they feel great and active. People need to stay physically active and emotionally stable to be more effective when working.

There are many things that professionals, including family nurse practitioners (FNPs), can do to create healthy working lifestyles in their daily routines. The options that people can use include a mix of physical and mental health solutions.

Use standing desks

The first idea for creating a healthier working lifestyle is to use standing desks. Sitting in an area for long periods can be unhealthy, as it makes it harder for people to stay active or mobile.

A standing desk lets workers stand while they complete their tasks. A worker might be more alert and ready to handle tasks, making that person more effective. It’s also easier for workers to stay mobile when they are on their feet, as they can get to and from different work areas a little easier when they have standing desks. It is no surprise that FNPs and many other medical professionals use standing desks in their workplaces.

There should still be enough space for people to sit down as necessary. Although standing while working can help, a person can become uncomfortable if they stand for too long.

Keep the food healthy

Corporate catering can influence how well a workplace operates. A workplace should have plenty of healthy foods for workers to enjoy during the day. These include fresh produce and items made without lots of artificial ingredients or fillers.

A business can hire a catering company to supply healthy foods to a cafeteria or break room. A well-planned food menu can help people stay healthy and active during the day, while also keeping them from slipping into bad habits. An excess amount of sugar or calories could cause someone to become tired midway through the day, making the workplace less productive.

Keep the air clean

It’s easier to stay healthy when working if the air stays clean. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that poor indoor air quality (IAQ) in a workplace can trigger headaches, fatigue and physical irritation. It becomes harder for people to complete their tasks when the air is dirty.

A workplace can do many things to keep IAQ under control:

  • Ensure that there is enough ventilation in a room to bring in outside air.
  • Use a humidity-controlling device such as a humidifier or dehumidifier to keep the humidity levels in a spot under control.
  • Clean the area occasionally to remove dust and other items before mold can develop.
  • Avoid using harmful airborne chemicals when cleaning surfaces or clearing out pests.

Encourage collaboration

The mental toll of work can be a challenge, as people often feel worn out when they do the same things all day long. People will have an easier time going through the day when collaborating with their colleagues more often.

Collaboration is necessary for helping workers stay focused while being productive. A collaborative work environment allows all people to handle various work tasks, while determining which people can handle these efforts the best.

For example, an FNP can collaborate with others in a hospital environment to delegate certain tasks to people who are more capable of handling them. The FNP can send information gathered on a patient to another professional, who can use that to help in the treatment and care process.

Collaboration can create a more streamlined workplace and improve how well people receive service. The work makes it easier for employees to team up and stay productive.

Provide clear instructions

It is easier for workers to stay positive and active when they have the necessary instructions to complete their tasks. Whether it involves a routine effort or something new, a worker must be ready to handle whatever instructions are available.

A college education is necessary for all workers in various specialized fields. For example, a nursing student can complete a DNP-FNP program from Walsh University. This will help them learn how to manage more detailed or thorough care solutions for patients across the lifespan.

Proper instructions are necessary to help people stay aware of what they should do when working. Workers will feel more positive when they’re capable of handling their tasks without worrying about whether they’re doing things the right way.

Online services should be available

Anything that allows people to complete their tasks online always helps. Online portals and platforms can help people manage many routine processes with ease. Some of these solutions can also automate some minor tasks, making it easier for workers to focus on more specific or time-consuming tasks.

For example, an FNP might use a computer to store information on patients. The FNP can secure data collected in a database and send it to other people in a hospital environment. The work makes it easier for an FNP to communicate with other professionals, as there is no need to go from one spot to another to send data.

Online programs are convenient for everyone, as online systems allow people to access content from any place. For instance, people can learn new things on their terms through an online learning system.

Any online solutions should still be easy for people to use. There should be enough instructions on how to use a program or platform. The employees should also be encouraged to explore these systems and see how they work. The employees will feel ready to use these programs when they know what to expect in their work.

Can a small amount of conflict help?

The idea of a conflict-free workplace sounds excellent, as it creates a supportive space where everyone can get along. However, it also helps to allow a small amount of conflict on occasion.

A minor amount of conflict can work in many ways. SHRM lists a few positives surrounding how minor workplace conflicts can help a business grow:

  • Employees can come up with unconventional or unique ideas for work. They can share these ideas with others to see what might work.
  • People can discuss current work measures and determine if any changes are necessary.
  • People can also talk about their motives for working. An open environment where people can discuss their motives can help people feel better about their plans.
  • It also becomes easier for people to be accountable for their work. Everyone will know what expectations they hold and can start working based on those needs.

However, the conflict must not be destructive or overly critical of other people. It should provide a constructive approach where everyone can feel open to sharing their ideas. Also, everything should be leveraged to where people will want to talk without feeling as though they’re being controlled in what they can and cannot say. Compassion is critical for all viewpoints so that people will not be afraid to share what they want to do or say.

Flexibility is necessary

One unique idea that people can consider for a healthier working lifestyle involves added flexibility. Workers should be able to do more things as necessary. For example, an FNP could work on tasks involving patients of various age groups or needs. This allows the FNP to enjoy work a little more, as they won’t be stuck doing the same things all the time.

Flexibility can work in many ways:

  • Employees can be given the option to complete their tasks in various ways.
  • Online systems can also allow people to complete their jobs in various places and on their schedules. People may be more motivated to do things at certain times, so flexibility is necessary for letting people work as necessary.
  • A worker should also have the right to use various resources based on what they feel is ideal for the task.
  • Some jobs should also be open to many people in the workplace. These jobs can include features or functions that are suitable for everyone to handle.

Flexibility will be critical to allowing a workplace to feel more positive and under control. Everyone will appreciate a workspace where they have more options for what they can do and how they can complete their chores.

A healthier working environment is possible

Whether it entails the physical or mental health of workers, a business can create a more positive work environment in which everyone will feel comfortable. The ideal efforts are necessary to help everyone in a workplace feel their best.

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