Exercises and Tips to improve your child concentration

Child concentration tips and exercises

As children grow, their attention span improves. Concentration is not just about age, it can also be exercised and improved. child concentration span is a skill that develops as it grows. And despite this, you may notice that it is not enough for when you start studying and doing homework.

That your child has the ability to attend does not necessarily mean that he knows or can concentrate. If your child is easily distracted put these strategies in motion to improve their level of attention. Continue reading: A Guide to Student Jobs or understudy employments

Child concentration tips and exercises

Child concentration tips and exercises

When there are difficulties in maintaining attention, it is important to create an appropriate environment and an adequate predisposition on the part of the child. For this it is convenient:

• Find a suitable space for the activity you are going to do. In the case of the study, it should be a well-lit, silent and airy area. It should be always the same space; in this way, over time there is an association -for example, desk-study-, which predisposes the person towards an attitude according to what he is going to do and, therefore, of greater concentration. Check also: http://marypwaters.com/2018/03/20/5-ways-to-make-your-ecommerce-site-more-usable/

• Prepare in advance what is needed. The constant coming and going in search of materials break the child concentration. Also, give him a snack before you start so he does not surprise you with trips to the fridge because he is hungry.

• Avoid distractions such as television, radio or computer, if it is not needed for the task. Quiet music can help some people to concentrate, but music should never be played with songs, as following the lyrics makes it difficult to focus on the task.

• Set short-term objectives. Although we have a distant goal in mind, such as approving the course well, you always have to have close objectives. In this way, we facilitate the planning that is one of the bases of attention. In addition, by seeing more easily how these goals are being met, motivation increases.

* Underline, outline and summarize. These tasks help children who are easily distracted and unable to sustain concentration.

• Increase motivation with positive comments. At these ages, in addition, it is essential that the child learn to “self-reinforce”, that is, that he congratulates himself and feels proud of the work well done in view of the results.

Games and exercises to improve concentration

Child concentration tips and exercises

  • The puzzles are an excellent observation exercise that requires great concentration when looking at the pieces.
  • Copiar dibujos implica fijarse mucho en los detalles.
  • The drawings with numbers require you to fix and join the lines or color according to the indicated.
  • Games memory games or couples also require close attention.
  • The games of looking for differences exercise sustained attention.
  • Matching texts with drawings or placing a comic strip in the right order is fun and aids concentration.
  • Learning the lyrics of songs or poems is also a good training.
  • The world searches also resolved carefully.
  • The labyrinths are fun and need attention and spatial intelligence.
  • The mandalas coloring are an excellent exercise in concentration.
  • The abstract drawings very complex, with many small squares.

In general, all board games such as cards, dominoes, oca games. All combine fun with the obligation to concentrate for long periods in child concentration.

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