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Natural Looks and Styles for Modern Homes

Bringing the natural world into our homes is something that many of us do without even thinking – vases of flowers, nature inspired designs on wallpaper and pictures are all things that help us to create a comfortable and calm atmosphere. Nature has an effect on our mind that helps to soothe and calm – think about how you feel when you walk through the woods. This is something that we can also integrate into the home to help us to have that calm feeling.

As well as home accessories, the materials that we use in our homes can also give us that natural look. Wood in particular is a firm favourite, and wooden furniture as well as features like these oak roof trusses remain a popular addition to many homes.

Many people wrongly think that if they live in a modern home that has been built recently, that their home won’t suit the more natural materials, and the styles that are associated more with older properties and things like barn conversions. However, this is certainly not the case, and there are many creative ways to achieve a style like this in a modern home. Here are a few ways to do this…

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Add a Wood Burning Stove – One of the things that we think about when thinking of a cosy home from yesteryear, is a roaring fire where we can spend the winter evenings snuggled up. Wood burning stoves are a great way to warm a room in the home, and also, they can be cheaper to run than other methods of heating, especially with the price rises hitting gas and electricity.

Use Floral Prints – The natural look is easy to get with floral prints. From wallpaper to bed covers, the use of different florals is a great way to embrace the aesthetic of the countryside home from yesteryear. There are many floral and nature inspired products around at the moment, so you have plenty to take your pick from.

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Look for Antique Furniture and Mismatch – Another thing that can give you that more rustic look is using furniture that is older. This is often very well made, and it certainly doesn’t have to match – in fact the room can be more individual and charming if the furniture is not matching.

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