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What Are Some Trauma Informed Practices

Trauma informed practices are incredible important in the health care sector and there are many other organisations that are asking their staff to attend Trauma informed practice training like those from if there is a high likelihood that staff members could come into contact with people who may have experienced trauma. With trauma resulting from incidents where people felt their lives were in danger or where accidents and other issues occurred where they were in lift threatening situations, it is almost certain that we will all come across someone in our lives that is or has experienced trauma.

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There are essentially six main principles that guide trauma informed practice and these include.

  • Safety – it is important that individuals feel safe in their surroundings and that they are supported to realise that they are not in a threatening situation It is also important to help prevent re-traumatisation.
  • Trustworthiness – this is a way of helping reaffirm safety and may include staff members being trained in certain aspects of care or policies that help prevent re-traumatisation.

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  • Choice – individuals should be supported in making choices that are appropriate for them.
  • Collaboration – this is where organisations work with their clients and patients to find out how best to support them.
  • Empowerment – this includes validating individuals feelings and emotions and supporting them to work through them.
  • Cultural consideration – it is important that healthcare and other workers move past stereotypes and biases in both their practices and policies.
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