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Which colours will you use for your next crochet project?

Whether you are a seasoned crafter or beginning your crochet journey, understanding the principles of choosing colours can really improve your creations. From selecting harmonious combinations to learning about colour theory, here are our top tips for choosing the colours for your next crochet projects.

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Understanding colour theory

Colour theory serves as a great foundation for effective yarn colour choices. Complementary colours, which are positioned opposite each other on the wheel, offer high contrast, while analogous colours, which are found side by side, create a harmonious blend. Warm tones, such as bright reds and oranges, give feelings of energy and vibrancy, while cool blues and greens impart a sense of calm.

Analogous colours

Analogous colours – those found side by side on the colour wheel – are known to create pleasing combinations. Examples include blue, blue-green, red or green, red-orange, and orange. This palette is ideal for projects where a subtle, unified look is desired, such as blankets or items of clothing.

If you want to experiment with analogous colours but are a little unsure, consider purchasing colourful crochet blanket kits from a specialist such as A crochet kit will save you time by providing a curated selection of yarns in colours that complement each other. Exposure to new colour schemes can help inspire creativity and broaden your understanding of how colours can be combined effectively.

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Complementary colours

Complementary colours, which are positioned opposite each other on the colour wheel, give an eye-catching contrast to your crochet project that will instantly grab attention. Examples include red and green, blue and orange, and yellow and purple. Incorporating complementary colours in your projects can add vibrancy and make certain elements pop; for example, a navy blue background with mustard yellow accents is a lovely combination.