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How to choose your kitchen flooring

Whether you are having a full kitchen refurbishment or only your floors need updating, there is certainly a lot to think about when it comes to choosing a new kitchen floor.
The practicalities

Kitchen floors must be practical, but what is practical for you might not be practical for someone else. Do you have pets or young children? Do you want a floor that is super-easy to clean or one that will stand the test of time? As an example, vinyl is ideal for those with young children as it can cushion items when they are dropped and can be cleaned and dried in no time.

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The aesthetic considerations

Gone are the days when the kitchen was hidden from visitors in the dining room. Today, the kitchen is where guests congregate and families dine, so it needs to look good. What style is the rest of your kitchen, such as Victorian heritage, country kitchen, or ultra-modern? If you have a period home, for example, you might want to consider stone, real wood flooring or even reclaimed tiles, which can add a stunning look. You need to think about the complete aesthetic before you start your kitchen refurbishment.

Your budget

Your budget will influence your choices and may well mean compromising on either the most practical or most beautiful option; however, remember that there are always ways to achieve the look you want. If you want a real wood look, for example, but can’t afford it, engineered or even laminate flooring can be a good alternative. If you can’t afford vintage or high-end tiles, it is easy to find dupes from mid-range and budget tile retailers.

If you are not sure what is possible within your budget, refurbishment experts such as can help you to understand the full costs.

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Kitchen floor materials are varied in their practicality and can range massively in price. There are also aesthetic considerations to think about. When it comes to choosing the perfect kitchen flooring, you need to weigh up all the different aspects.