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Are Solar Panels a Good Choice for your Home?

Solar panels are a great way to generate electricity for your home that is both better for the environment and cheaper for you to run. To have solar panels installed you should contact a professional like this solar panels Gloucester based company.

Not all homes are well suited to solar panels however – here are some of the things to think about to help you decide if solar panels are the right choice for you…

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Space on the Roof – In order to have the amount of power you need for your whole home; you need to have enough space on your roof. For the average system you need around a twenty square metre area of roof.

Shade Over the Roof – If you have shade over the roof, such as other buildings, trees or even a chimney this also needs to be something that you think about. The more shade there is covering the roof, the less efficiently the solar panels will work so this is also something that you need to bear in mind. Some systems can use something called optimisers on shaded roofs to help boost the power.

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Direction the Roof is Facing – The direction that the solar panels face makes a massive difference and is certainly something that you need to consider. A South facing roof is the ideal position for solar panels, but they can also work well on southwest facing roofs, or south east. North facing roofs are generally not recommended as they do not get enough sun.