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3 Reasons To Hire School Security Guards

Young children and teenagers deserve to learn in safe environments. School security guards can help school officials cultivate such environments. Check out this list of three reasons to hire school security guards.

1. Deescalate Situations

Public schools can be hotbeds of dangerous activities. Over the past few decades, schools have become targets of mass shooters, domestic terrorists, and vandalists. Moreover, the students who attend them have become victims of bullying, harassment, sexual assault, and gang violence. Security guards know how to deescalate the sometimes life-threatening situations that can occur in an educational setting. They are trained on how to prevent school violence, how to stop fights, how to neutralize attackers, and how to find and confiscate weapons.

2. Manage Crowds

Many public schools are overcrowded. This means that whenever students are in the hallways attempting to go to a class, an auditorium, a cafeteria, or outside, they have to push through a multitude of other students. Overcrowding has resulted in a plethora of problems, such as chaos, confusion, brawls, and stampedes. Fortunately, security guards can assist with crowd control in schools. They can direct students on how to walk through the hallways in a calm and organized fashion. Some guards may give teachers tips on how to dismiss students from their classrooms so that they do not end up storming the hallways. Take a look at school security guards Detroit MI to garner information about the crowd-related services security guards offer.

3. Teach Safety

Security guards are well-versed in safety practices related to children and adolescents. They can host classroom presentations or school assemblies that teach students about ways to stay safe inside or near school buildings. Such ways include reporting harmful incidents and risky behaviors, staying away from known gang members and drug dealers, and asking for help whenever necessary.

In this day and age, school security guards are essential. They can save precious young lives and protect expensive pieces of property.

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