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blended learning

Tips for carrying out blended learning at the university

The new technologies have allowed traditional modes of teaching change and adapt to the new digital environment. Despite changes in methodology, academic requirements are maintained and students must ensure that they are met.

The academic performance is a kind of measure used by teachers to express what their students learned along an educational period. For students, the easiest way to know if they have a high or low academic performance is to attend the grades they achieved in the tests and exams proposed by teachers. Keep reading: How to overcome the math phobia effectively?

What is blended learning?

blended learning

The blended learning or hybrid learning is one of the new modalities that new technologies allow. This, basically, arises from the mix between traditional face-to-face classes and online educational experiences through video classes and online learning platforms.

This methodology meets one of the most widespread demands by current students, who use the new technologies perfectly and in many cases prefer distance education because it allows more dynamic content and fundamentally the choice of study times.

Despite its popularity, some Pedagogy specialists point out that the lack of teachers in online environments and the distractions they offer can be detrimental to the academic performance of students.

Commit to a number of hours daily

For class activities there is a specific schedule, however, for online activities, the student can determine their deadlines. This allows coordination with other types of activities, but this does not imply a reduction in the time dedicated to studying.

In order not to diminish their academic performance, students must schedule study schedules, and propose to dedicate a certain number of hours to these activities.

Only study

The technological devices used to perform these tasks allow access to a wide variety of entertainment options, which can cause distractions and, therefore, affect students. To perform as they should it is important that they commit to using their devices only to study and leave this type of activities for later.

blended learning


The means of consultation with teachers are one of the main components of blended learning initiatives because the idea of this method is that, even if the teacher is not physically next to the student, he or she can resort to it at all times.

Therefore, if the student has a doubt it is advisable to consult with their teacher instead of seeking to resolve it on their own. These tips can facilitate the task for those students who want to maintain their academic performance despite the change in the modalities of study, to achieve it effectively you need more than these tips.

Students need to be committed and understand that they own their blended learning. Therefore must defend it at all costs and give their best to achieve their goals. Learn online marketing: