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Superheroes with Financial Education

Sure, you know them, you may have read their comics, seen their movies and probably some of your favorite characters, but, did you know that behind their adventures, they could all have skills to save money?

SPIDERMAN1Financial Education

The famous Spider-Man is a young man who is dedicated to saving people from various thugs who constantly threaten the city. But you should also support your Aunt May with household expenses.

You know well that in my job as a photographer you do not have a fixed pay-account,” because only when I sell my photos I get money, so I recommend saving. This way I have an emergency fund for when I have not sold any photos, And I contribute some money to the expenses of the house. Aunt says that I try hard at school, so now that work gives me time to study. If my girlfriend wants to go to the cinema we both cooperate one with the tickets and Another with the popcorn. This complements my life in which I get a steady job to keep you. “

SUPERMAN2Financial Education

Despite being a superhero, Superman (under the identity of Clark Kent) works as a reporter for the Daily Planet. He is the strongest man in the world, but that may not be what they admire about him, so he tells his secret: In my work as a reporter, I receive a salary, a product of my daily effort. As I live alone, I must manage my pay so that I do not run out in a single day, I do not spend more than I earn and I know that I must take care of my money of villainous offers that will make me buy when I do not need it. I have my partner with whom I regularly go out and we know we should not lose control of our finances, we even write down on a paper the income we have and how much we spend, to know how much we can save. We call this budget and it is a super financial power that we all have if we realize it and fulfill it.

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Batman Financial Education

Bruce Wayne inherited a great fortune, so he could create Batman and buy those fabulous tools and vehicles to fight the villains. But the money also ends, here it tells us how it does to conserve it and to have more:

You invest, not just financially savvy people can do it. With these simple steps, you can become one:

Keep in mind that in investments you can win or lose, you must be sure how much you can invest without affecting you. If you have 10 pesos, do not invest everything, do it little by little, so as not to lose your money, on the contrary increase it.

You did not hurry and you selected the best option to invest. You can do it in the short, medium and long term.

You invest in different things so that if one does not go well, in another possibly yes. Discipline and patience are my characteristics. I do not trust villains who give bad financial advice that will make my money grow overnight.

GREEN LANTERNFinancial Education

Green Lantern has a lot of homework as a galactic patrolman. But in his normal life, he is a pilot who perhaps travels a lot. So, you must take good care of your finances.

For example, when paying with your credit card watch with your light ring that does not clone it, as it might have some unrecognized charges. He even tries not to use it so much because he knows that credit should be used for some emergency cases only.

As a space guardian, it illuminates the path of people who have a problem with a financial institution, so with its green light of its ring of power points to Conduce, the institution that serves for the protection and defense of users of services Financial resources.