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How to study for a MCQ

Passing an exam involves being confronted with different types of evaluation possible and therefore in several ways to approach the topic of study. For example, it is not the same thing to study for a developmental examination only for a multiple-choice questionnaire.

Although the former is more common, not everyone knows how to study for an MCQ.

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studyTo understand the difference, we know that for developmental exams, we use our memory of memories. In this type of memory, we make an effort to remind ourselves of some things we have learned.

On the other hand, in multiple-choice questionnaires, we practice recognition memory. In this case, we operate unconsciously; we must see a signal to be able to recognize the information that will suddenly appear in our mind.

Since these are two different ways of conducting an exam, the way they study for each one varies slightly.

Thus, for the MCQ type examination, it is not a question of memorizing the whole program, as in the exams to be developed. In these, it is more interesting to cover a large part of the program, remembering the small details.

studyKeys that can provide us with all information at any given time in a QCM exam. Thus, it is advisable to make diagrams and summaries in which a keyword develops the whole subject.

It should also be noted that in multiple choice questionnaires, in addition to knowledge, in some cases common sense and even elimination are required. That does not mean we do not have to study, but it is obviously more help.

When we are studying for a QCM exam, we must constantly ask questions as we move forward in the program. Thus, we will be ready for any questions that may be asked on the subject.

studyFinally, do not forget to train us by doing MCQ exams before the big day. Our teacher will surely be able to provide it. However, if this is not the case, we can talk to our peers and each of us creates a review topic. Thus, we will have several examples that we can exchange.

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