Apprenticeships, Sixth Form or College?

Before you’ve even finished your year five school exams the pressure is on to decide what you want to do next?  Will it be Sixth Form, College or an Apprenticeship, the choice as soon as you’ve secured your final results is yours?  Do you enjoy the strict, structure of School then maybe the Sixth form is the right place for you?  Fed up of being tied to a school but still want to study full time then a College Course could be the ideal answer.  Still want to study but really wanting to earn some money alongside of learning then a work based NVQ or apprenticeship could be perfect for you.  There are hundreds of Companies that offer this type of work-related training, electrical firms, building based companies, double-glazing installers and heating engineers.  Boiler Installation Gloucestershire with companies such as could offer you the apprenticeship opportunity you are looking for.

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If we go back and look at the idea of staying at school and choosing a sixth form then the general choice is stay at the school you know (if they have a Sixth form) or move to another school that offers the specific subjects you want to study.  The upper school normally has a separate building, its own catering facilities and an individual uniform to wear.

College is a more adult environment where you have free choice of clothing and take responsibility for your own learning.


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