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Month: January 2019

How to study smarter not harder?

Surely it has happened to all of you that during the exam period, and after several hours studying, your brain says: “Enough!”. You have reached your top, and however much you continue studying you will not memorize or learn anything….

How to study effectively? Vital techniques to learn more

The school and university stages are characterized by causing many nerves, stress, and anxiety among students. Many ask themselves: how can I face the study to optimize my academic performance? How to study effectively? Stay with us.

How to study for an exam and make a good result

When we are facing evaluation tests, we dedicate more time than normal to the study. This generates fatigue, stress, and loss of energy, which sometimes causes a detriment of quality to perform the exams. So that this does not happen….

How do top students study?

To optimize long hours of study, there are no magic formulas. Observe the best students common characteristics. For us, the need to find an adequate method of study is essential. Let’s discover¬†how do top students study. We use several keyboards…