What is the role of the Accountant?

It might seem that on the face of it the Accountant has a pretty easy job. At the end of the day it’s all about inputting numbers and calculations surely? However the role of the accountant, either as part of  larger company or working freelance is much more than that.

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No matter where they are if you ask Cheltenham Accountants, London Accountants or Glasgow ones they will tell you the same thing, Accountancy is a busy role. You are responsible for the recording and the interpretation of a company’s figures and making sure that all of the income matches the outgoings and that tax that is owed has been paid. On the flip side it is also down to the accountant to claim any of that tax back if they can. Put simply, without the Accountant the company and the business could not exist.

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Being an Accountant is making sure that things in the business are literally accounted for and that people are accountable for them. They are a legal requirement and will be educated to Degree level at the least. There are many types of accountant as it becomes something of a catch all description with Bookkeepers which really is a role that is mainly income entry and recording.

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