Tips for Teaching Healthy Eating to Preschoolers

Tips for teaching healthy eating to preschoolers

Part of the education that fathers, mothers, tutors, and teachers should convey to children is the importance of eating healthy. Depending on how we eat, we are giving more or less care to our body. Teaching healthy eating to preschoolers is of great importance to the education of our children. That is why it is convenient that you take into account a series of tips that help children to eat healthy from the beginning.

Teaching healthy eating to preschoolers

Normally, children eat what they like and put aside what they don’t like. Although having tastes is not bad, we must make them understand the importance of a balanced diet.

Although one likes chocolate, everything in excess can be bad for the body. Therefore, we must show you the importance of other foods. How? Let’s see some tips.

1. Teach your children the role of the cook

The first thing is that children see that there is a wide variety of foods. That not everything is as simple as they may think. For that, you can start with symbolic games, where children play the role of a chef which will help them feel comfortable surrounded by food and the art of cooking.

There are many games in this line. For example, toy kitchens, toy food, toy spoons, pots, and pans, or a chef’s costume, can be a good team for children to familiarize themselves with different food.

2. Explain to them about the human body

Children gradually realize themselves. When something hurts because they have eaten a lot, or have eaten what they should not, they immediately notice the cause-effect relationship.

But we can help them reinforce that idea by transmitting rational information useful to them. Show them that there is a solution and that the solution is to eat in a balanced way, without going over, but without falling short.

3. Not bad habits

When children are still young, we can’t just let them eat whatever they want, even if it’s not healthy. The limits we put on today will be good for them tomorrow.

We must know they are not yet prepared to understand the consequences of their actions, but as long as they are children, we are responsible for their care.

Other programs for teaching healthy eating to preschoolers

As we said, this is not the first time that Aramark seeks to raise awareness among children that nutrition is important in our lives. There are many resources on the Internet that make our work easier. Here are some: –

Food flight: It is a video game developed by Kids Health for iPhone available on iTunes for children to learn to eat healthy in a simple and fun way. The little boy must move a snowman from side to side so that he can catch the food that falls from the sky. But beware! Explain to your child that only healthy food can be taken, junk food will have to be avoided because if the doll eats it, we will have to start over. We can pass the level once we have achieved two thousand healthy calories.

Diana eats healthy: This application has the same purpose as the previous one. The children will understand with her what foods help us to grow, which give us the energy to face the day at school and what things we have to eat with less assiduity. The game is designed in pastel colors and has different activities, from the simplest. It requires a little more intellectual effort with which we will have to look for the differences. Like Food Flight, Diana Eats Healthy is available on iTunes for iPhone.

Nutrition and a balanced diet: In this case, our protagonist is not Diana but Bo. In this game, there are three activities: the first helps the child to distinguish healthy foods from those that are not. The second explains how to distribute them in families, and the third invites the user to create ” “magic poti”n” with the chef or Healthy recipe to create a great and balanced meal. It will be the main dish of pengu’s birthday. It is compatible with all iPhone devices and is accessed through iTunes. It is free for the first levels and we will have to pay if we want to continue playing when we have overcome them.

Healthy food monsters: Another new friend! A little beast that, like the snowman, we presented before, raffles off unhealthy foods and keeps vitamin-rich foods. At first, children need the help of an adult to play these things because it is difficult for them to know how to distinguish healthy food from one that is not. They know how to do it for themselves. It is also for iPhone but can be installed on other devices.

Counting food with Lenny: This application is distinguished from the previous ones because it is specially designed for all those children who have diabetes. It helps them control the number of carbohydrates they have consumed to maintain the right blood sugar level. Find it on iTunes and install it on your iPhone.

Are you considering these tips for teaching healthy eating to preschoolers?

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