Skills and duties of parents in the education of their children

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 Natural skills

Counselors, psychologists, teachers, doctors, special schools will provide parents with a previous contest. But they do not replace family education.

What educator, writes Chesterton will have followed, as the parents, the child from the cradle, will have time to make a fair discernment of the inclinations of the spirit and the particular aptitudes of each pupil? Will he have perspicacity and love of a mother?

Parents are irreplaceable. Seek the official educator who has the taste, the free time, the attitude that requires this slow initiation of the spirit, the heart, the conscience, that is operated in the home, even when this office of life Does not provide more than a minimum of resources … These truisms are truths and will end up coming back on them, replacing the parents by type of officials, only one stopper has been found that does not cover the hole.

It is simply to dispense with a natural force and pay for an artificial one, as if a man were watering a plant with one hand holding a hose and with the other an umbrella to protect it from the rain, but that would not work, even in theory The washing of the laundry is not always possible, especially when it comes to diapers, only the parents can or will want to give their children enough care and attention.The expression  Maternal self-denial applied to a woman who sees children passing by their hands without ceasing, is no more than a kind metaphor.

But it will be said: If the parents are clumsy, ignorant of the pedagogical science, blinded by a misunderstanding affection? Even in that case, they will have the advantage of the wisest and best-trained pedagogues, the love of their own children and love, without anymore. How many excellent Roman teachers would have grown weary of the student Agustin, how many professional “advisers” would not have known where to direct him, while the patience, the prayers, and the tears. and the maternal love of Santa Monica led him to change his life, Making him a great Philosopher and a Father of the Church!

We have spoken of excellent teachers, of honest counselors; there is no need to talk about excellent mothers. What normal mother had not tried what Monica achieved? Conversely, unworthy parents scandalize opinion But there is little talk about unworthy education dens. In any case, that surprises less, because the bond with the child is less narrow, normally than in the family.

Home education has other advantages. It is continuous. The less gifted parents do pedagogy, often without knowing it, because the love of their children naturally leads them to understand them, to solve their problems, to help them in all they can. Family education is personal. Each child is known with his qualities, his defects. Their usual reactions. How could overworked teachers be able to educate their students, one by one, as in a family, even with their training and self-denial?

This article helps you known about how to Skills and duties of parents in the education of your children.

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