How to prepare for back-to-school tips 2017

Soon back to school! When the summer ends, the beginning of the school year comes and it is time to regain its habits. Young and old alike must resume the habits lost during the holidays. This can be difficult for some and even more so for those whose children go to school for the first time. That is why we have to take into account certain things to make the start of the classroom more bearable and make things easier. It is also a question of making a maximum of savings during the re-entry. On prforeducators. We give you some tips on how to prepare for the new school year.


What to do before school

Schoolbag, books, clothes…

It is time to start a new year: prepare the school bag with books and all the necessary school supplies. It is important that children choose their kits, notebooks, and pens to make them more likely to go to class. Children can also help parents to cover and label the notebooks so that this moment becomes a common memory and they feel already involved in their work.

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Set the alarm clock again

From now on, the alarm will sound every morning. That is, you will have to get up early again. This is something that is difficult for some. In addition, during the summer, everyone changes his or her schedules and often we lose the habit of going to bed early. You will have to go back to the routine gradually. It is recommended not to wait until the first day of class, but to start a few days before the start of the school year so that it is not too difficult.

schoolMaximum motivation

It is important that children go to school by being motivated, wanting to do things and meeting new people. During the last days of the holidays, encourage them by explaining everything they will learn and do at school (excursions, meet friends, meet new teachers) so they want to go back to school.

Avoiding Back-to-School Stress

If it is normal for your children to be a little nervous about going back to school, it is important that they do not see school as a problem, that they will face stress and anxiety. While some are anxious to see their classmates and teachers, others would prefer not to return to class, especially those who go to school for the first time, those who go to junior high school or those who change of school.

Parents must ensure that this does not happen. You will have to transmit the serenity to your children during the re-entry. You will achieve this through communication and support. Do not show your nervousness to your child if you feel that the re-entry makes him already nervous. Be natural; be careful that he forgets nothing but without being on his back permanently. It is important that we see the re-entry as a nice new stage.

schoolOther activates

With the beginning of the school year, your children also find the extra-curricular activities that you have to choose according to the tastes and the interests of your children: sports, music, plastic art, dance, etc. This will also be a great opportunity for your child to meet children who are not his classmates. We recommend that you consult our article the best sports for children.

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 It is very important that children want to go back to school. Otherwise, you will need to motivate them.

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